grantThe Hancock Regional Planning Commission acts as the administrator for several grant programs on behalf of Hancock County and the City of Findlay.  Additionally HRPC provides grant writing services to the local villages and townships.

Below are some of the grant programs administered by HRPC, please call 419-424-7094 for more information.


Community Development Grant Program (CDBG)

A series of grants from the State of Ohio – Office of Community Development that provide funding for public and private projects that serve low to moderate populations.  The City of Findlay and Hancock County receive an noncompetitive Allocation Grant each year along with applying for several completive grants each year.  Example of permitted grant projects include: public infrastructure such as roadway repaving, waterlines, sidewalks, and playground equipment.


Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP)

A grant program that assists low to moderate income home owners to make emergency repairs and remodel unsafe housing.


Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP)

A competitive grant program from FEMA with the purpose of acquiring and demolishing repetitive flood loss structures.


For information about these and more grant programs please contact Aleta Boecker, HRPC Grant Administrator at 419-424-7094