Hancock County Community Housing Impact and Preservation

The Hancock County Community Housing Impact and Preservation (CHIP) program offers no-cost home repairs and rehabilitations to income-eligible Hancock County home­owners. Repairs may include roofs, water heaters, furnaces, electrical, insulation, ADA modifications, plumbing, and more.

The Home Repair Program provides up to $8,000 of upgrades and fixes. This grant-fund­ed program requires no repayment by the homeowner. The Home Rehabilitation Pro­gram offers up to $30,000 worth of repairs and upgrades. This program is funded partially through a grant that is forgivable over a five-year period and a no-interest deferred loan that is repayable at the time of sale, transfer of title or change in occupancy.

Home Repair and Home Rehabilitation Income Guidelines are as Follows

Household Size Home

Repair Program

Home Rehabilitation Program
1 $31,590 $38,850
2 $36,140 $44,400
3 $40,625 $49,950
4 $45,110 $55,500
5 $48,750 $59,950
6 $52,390 $64,400
7 $55,965 $68,850
8 $59,605 $73,300


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