Revolving loan fund Home planning. Calculating and checking.The Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) Program can assist business owners in handling the financial burdens of creating or maintaining a business by providing low interest loans (below market).  Also, the fixed rate term can be set anywhere between 5 and 15 years (depending on the assets purchased), providing you flexibility in deciding what will work best for your budget.  These options provide business owners with an affordable and attractive financing opportunity.


The Revolving Loan Fund program was created to promote economic development through:

  • Retention of our current economic base and our irreplaceable local businesses
  • Assisting with the redevelopment of blighted and vacant areas for industrial or commercial use
  • Expansion of Hancock County and Findlay’s core economies by focusing on small business development
  • Attraction and relocation of existing businesses to Hancock County to provide a diverse business mix


Approved Uses of Loan Funds

  • Land Acquisition
  • New Construction
  • Building Renovation/Improvements
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Working Capital
  • Start-up Costs for New Businesses
  • Expansion for Existing Businesses
  • Relocation expenses if you are a business moving into Findlay or Hancock County from another state
  • Funds to purchase an existing business in Findlay or Hancock County
  • Financing options for potential buyers of an existing Findlay/Hancock County business


Loan Guidelines

  • Business must be operating as a for-profit entity and registered in the State of Ohio
  • Business must be located in Hancock County or the City of Findlay
  • Up to half of total project cost not to exceed $490,000, with a loan minimum of $5,000
  • Must show creation or retention of at least one full-time job per $25,000 borrowed (this requirement must be met within 36 months)
  • Prevailing wage is required on all construction costs (interior & exterior)


For questions regarding the RLF, please call our office at 419.424.7094 or email jmercer@findlayohio.com.